A chemical peel is a skin treatment intended to visibly improve the structure of treated tissue by the external application of a caustic solution

There are a wide range of chemical peels available at The Adare Clinic ranging from very superficial to deep. When you attend the clinic, our doctors go through the different chemical peels available and advise on what peel is most suitable for the patient’s needs. The chemical peel chosen depends on results expected, skin type, age of the patient, downtime and cost. Skin Booster Peels start from €100, a TCA peel start from €350 and full face Phenol peels are either €650 per area, or €3,500 for a full treatment.

The peels available at the clinic are Skin Booster peels (Glycolic, Lactic & Mandelic Acid), TCA (trichloracetic acid) peels, and Phenol peels.

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Skin Booster Peels | TCA Peel | Phenol Peel

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